Despite Minor Setbacks

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Despite Minor Setbacks JMB 1041

Lyrical wordsmith C1iff and super producer Kevin Lyle Hodgkins join forces on this brand new album with heavy blues and rock influences. The Canadian MC imposes his charismatic voice, powerful lyrics and versatile flows over KLH's inspiring and anthemic production with heavy guitar riffs, soulful keys and driving drums.

Jambaar Library JMB 1041

  • 001Devil's PlaygroundMain2:31
  • 002Streets On FireMain2:28
  • 003Hard TimesMain2:49
  • 004Crime and PunishmentMain2:18
  • 005CGMMain2:48
  • 006No LoveMain2:35
  • 007Live FreeMain2:31
  • 008Take ShelterMain2:52
  • 009Devil's PlaygroundInstrumental2:31
  • 010Devil's PlaygroundNo Drums2:31
  • 011Devil's Playground15 Seconds0:14
  • 012Devil's Playground15 Seconds Instrumental0:13
  • 013Devil's Playground30 Seconds0:28
  • 014Devil's Playground30 Seconds Instrumental0:30
  • 015Devil's PlaygroundSting0:07
  • 016Devil's PlaygroundDrums & Bass Only2:31
  • 017Streets On FireInstrumental2:28
  • 018Streets On FireNo Drums2:28
  • 019Streets On Fire15 Seconds0:15
  • 020Streets On Fire15 Seconds Instrumental0:15
  • 021Streets On Fire30 Seconds0:30
  • 022Streets On Fire30 Seconds Instrumental0:30
  • 023Streets On FireSting0:08
  • 024Streets On FireDrums & Bass Only2:28
  • 025Hard TimesInstrumental2:49
  • 026Hard TimesNo Drums2:49
  • 027Hard Times15 Seconds0:15
  • 028Hard Times15 Seconds Instrumental0:15
  • 029Hard Times30 Seconds0:30
  • 030Hard Times30 Seconds Instrumental0:30
  • 031Hard TimesSting0:07
  • 032Hard TimesDrums & Bass Only2:49
  • 033Crime and PunishmentInstrumental2:18
  • 034Crime and PunishmentNo Drums2:18
  • 035Crime and Punishment15 Seconds0:15
  • 036Crime and Punishment15 Seconds Instrumental0:15
  • 037Crime and Punishment30 Seconds0:30
  • 038Crime and Punishment30 Seconds Instrumental0:30
  • 039Crime and PunishmentSting0:06
  • 040Crime and PunishmentDrums & Bass Only2:18
  • 041CGMInstrumental2:48
  • 042CGMNo Drums2:48
  • 043CGM15 Seconds0:15
  • 044CGM15 Seconds Instrumental0:15
  • 045CGM30 Seconds0:30
  • 046CGM30 Seconds Instrumental0:30
  • 047CGMSting0:08
  • 048CGMDrums & Bass Only2:48
  • 049No LoveInstrumental2:35
  • 050No LoveNo Drums2:35
  • 051No Love15 Seconds0:15
  • 052No Love15 Seconds Instrumental0:15
  • 053No Love30 Seconds0:30
  • 054No Love30 Seconds Instrumental0:30
  • 055No LoveSting0:06
  • 056No LoveDrums & Bass Only2:35
  • 057Live FreeInstrumental2:31
  • 058Live FreeNo Drums2:31
  • 059Live Free15 Seconds0:15
  • 060Live Free15 Seconds Instrumental0:15
  • 061Live Free30 Seconds0:30
  • 062Live Free30 Seconds Instrumental0:30
  • 063Live FreeSting0:05
  • 064Live FreeDrums & Bass Only2:31
  • 065Take ShelterInstrumental2:52
  • 066Take ShelterNo Drums2:52
  • 067Take Shelter15 Seconds0:15
  • 068Take Shelter15 Seconds Instrumental0:15
  • 069Take Shelter30 Seconds0:30
  • 070Take Shelter30 Seconds Instrumental0:30
  • 071Take ShelterSting0:08
  • 072Take ShelterDrums & Bass Only2:52




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