Crime Wave (Tension Beds)

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Crime Wave (Tension Beds) JMB 1027

Tense, intriguing and suspenseful investigative themes with electronic elements, pulsating synths and orchestral arrangements. Perfect underscores for corporate crime, drama cues, documentaries, modern noir, thriller and espionage.

Jambaar Library JMB 1027

  • 001Crime SceneMain1:53
  • 002Crime SceneNo Drums1:53
  • 003Crime Scene15 Seconds0:14
  • 004Crime Scene30 Seconds0:30
  • 005Crime SceneLight1:53
  • 006Committing A CrimeMain2:08
  • 007Committing A CrimeNo Drums2:08
  • 008Committing A Crime15 Seconds0:15
  • 009Committing A Crime30 Seconds0:29
  • 010Committing A CrimeLight2:08
  • 011A New ClueMain2:00
  • 012A New ClueNo Drums2:00
  • 013A New Clue15 Seconds0:15
  • 014A New Clue30 Seconds0:29
  • 015A New ClueLight2:00
  • 016Waiting For The ThiefMain1:39
  • 017Waiting For The ThiefNo Drums1:39
  • 018Waiting For The Thief15 Seconds0:14
  • 019Waiting For The Thief30 Seconds0:30
  • 020Waiting For The ThiefLight1:39
  • 021Just WaitMain2:03
  • 022Just WaitNo Drums2:03
  • 023Just Wait15 Seconds0:14
  • 024Just Wait30 Seconds0:29
  • 025Just WaitLight2:03
  • 026What HappensMain2:08
  • 027What HappensNo Drums2:08
  • 028What Happens15 Seconds0:14
  • 029What Happens30 Seconds0:29
  • 030What HappensLight2:08
  • 031Quirky InvestigationMain2:06
  • 032Quirky InvestigationNo Drums2:06
  • 033Quirky Investigation15 Seconds0:14
  • 034Quirky Investigation30 Seconds0:29
  • 035Quirky InvestigationLight2:06
  • 036Hypnotizing CrimeMain2:01
  • 037Hypnotizing CrimeNo Drums2:01
  • 038Hypnotizing Crime15 Seconds0:14
  • 039Hypnotizing Crime30 Seconds0:30
  • 040Hypnotizing CrimeLight2:01
  • 041Story BeginningMain2:13
  • 042Story BeginningNo Drums2:13
  • 043Story Beginning15 Seconds0:14
  • 044Story Beginning30 Seconds0:30
  • 045Story BeginningLight2:13
  • 046Escape From The SceneMain1:50
  • 047Escape From The SceneNo Drums1:50
  • 048Escape From The Scene15 Seconds0:14
  • 049Escape From The Scene30 Seconds0:29
  • 050Escape From The SceneLight1:50




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