Romantic Pop

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Romantic Pop JMB 1019

Sincere and profound dream pop straight out of the UK by Kaine Francesco. From touching and romantic piano ballads to spiritual folk pop, the London based artist boasts bold lyrics to tell a thought-provoking tale of self-discovery and burning passion

Jambaar Library JMB 1019

  • 001ChannelMain3:42
  • 002ChannelInstrumental3:42
  • 003Channel30 Seconds0:29
  • 004Channel60 Seconds0:59
  • 005FireMain3:28
  • 006FireInstrumental3:29
  • 007FireNo Drums3:28
  • 008Fire30 Seconds0:29
  • 009Fire60 Seconds1:00
  • 010FirePiano Only1:54
  • 011FireLight No Strings1:54
  • 012StrangersMain3:29
  • 013StrangersInstrumental3:29
  • 014StrangersNo Drums3:29
  • 015Strangers30 Seconds0:29
  • 016Strangers60 Seconds1:00
  • 017Never EnoughMain2:50
  • 018Never EnoughInstrumental2:52
  • 019Never EnoughNo Drums2:48
  • 020Never Enough30 Seconds0:30
  • 021Never Enough60 Seconds1:00
  • 022Last SongMain3:45
  • 023Last SongInstrumental3:45
  • 024Last Song30 Seconds0:27
  • 025Last Song60 Seconds0:59




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