Gentle Epic

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Gentle Epic JMB 1018

Anthemic orchestral feel on the epic side of lush and sweeping cinematic strings with percussions.

Jambaar Library JMB 1018

  • 001My Piano Is BrokenMain1:43
  • 002My Piano Is BrokenLight1:43
  • 003My Piano Is BrokenNo Drums1:43
  • 004My Piano Is Broken60 Seconds1:00
  • 005My Piano Is Broken30 Seconds0:30
  • 006My Piano Is Broken30 Seconds No Drums0:30
  • 007Two LoversMain1:27
  • 008Two LoversLight1:22
  • 009Two LoversNo Drums1:28
  • 010Two Lovers60 Seconds0:57
  • 011Two Lovers30 Seconds0:31
  • 012Two Lovers30 Seconds No Drums0:31
  • 013Arabian TaleMain2:20
  • 014Arabian TaleLight2:20
  • 015Arabian TaleNo Drums2:20
  • 016Arabian Tale60 Seconds1:00
  • 017Arabian Tale30 Seconds0:31
  • 018Arabian Tale30 Seconds No Drums0:31
  • 019Facing FearsMain1:20
  • 020Facing FearsLight1:20
  • 021Facing FearsNo Drums1:20
  • 022Facing Fears60 Seconds1:00
  • 023Facing Fears30 Seconds0:30
  • 024Facing Fears30 Seconds No Drums0:30
  • 025Chasing TimeMain2:05
  • 026Chasing TimeLight2:01
  • 027Chasing TimeNo Drums2:06
  • 028Chasing Time60 Seconds0:58
  • 029Chasing Time30 Seconds0:31
  • 030Chasing Time30 Seconds No Drums0:31
  • 031Age Of ChivalryMain2:30
  • 032Age Of ChivalryLight2:31
  • 033Age Of ChivalryNo Drums2:31
  • 034Age Of Chivalry60 Seconds0:55
  • 035Age Of Chivalry30 Seconds0:31
  • 036Age Of Chivalry30 Seconds No Drums0:31
  • 037Outside The FenceMain2:08
  • 038Outside The FenceLight2:04
  • 039Outside The FenceNo Drums2:10
  • 040Outside The Fence60 Seconds1:00
  • 041Outside The Fence30 Seconds0:30
  • 042Outside The Fence30 Seconds No Drums0:29




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