Deep In Space

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Deep In Space JMB 1013

Deep ambient and electronic album that will plunge your soul in a magnificent emotional journey. With delicate underscores for science, technology and nature programs.

Jambaar Library JMB 1013

  • 001PathfinderMain3:13
  • 002PathfinderNo rain fx, no bass3:13
  • 003Slow MotionMain2:49
  • 004Slow MotionNo bass2:51
  • 005ApolloMain2:24
  • 006Cosmic BounceMain0:53
  • 007Cosmic BounceNo drums, no bass0:53
  • 008Cosmic BounceAlternate0:53
  • 009Life On VenusMain2:33
  • 010Life On VenusPiano only2:04
  • 011Space EmotionsMain3:01
  • 012Lady GalaxyMain2:40
  • 013Lady GalaxySynths only2:40
  • 014AstralMain2:58
  • 015AstralGuitar only2:58
  • 016AstralAlternate2:58
  • 017Mission To NeptuneMain2:40
  • 018VoyagerMain2:12
  • 019VoyagerPiano only2:12
  • 020GravityMain1:38




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