Afro Pop

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Afro Pop JMB 1007

Authentic songs with the freshest Afro Pop sounds and rhythms

Jambaar Library JMB 1007

  • 001ObjectifMain3:06
  • 002ObjectifInstrumental3:07
  • 003Les Etoiles Me GuidentMain3:31
  • 004Les Etoiles Me GuidentInstrumental3:31
  • 005KarmaMain3:02
  • 006KarmaInstrumental3:04
  • 007Bouge De LaMain3:03
  • 008Bouge De LaInstrumental3:49
  • 009Au FeelingMain2:54
  • 010Au FeelingInstrumental2:56
  • 011Afro Block PartyMain3:19
  • 012Afro Block PartyUnderscore1:58
  • 013Afro Block PartyAmbient1:21
  • 014Sunny Afro PopMain3:48
  • 015Sunny Afro PopUnderscore1:48
  • 016Sunny Afro PopAmbient1:25




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