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Electrap JMB 1006

A brilliant mix between electronic music and trap beats

Jambaar Library JMB 1006

  • 001GrindMain3:55
  • 002GrindInstrumental3:55
  • 003GrindUnderscore0:42
  • 004TrendingMain2:52
  • 005TrendingInstrumental2:52
  • 006TrendingUnderscore1:05
  • 007Lose The LeadMain4:05
  • 008Lose The LeadInstrumental4:30
  • 009Lose The LeadUnderscore1:00
  • 010Determined ElectrapMain4:04
  • 011Determined ElectrapUnderscore4:04
  • 012Determined ElectrapAmbient1:41
  • 013Feel Good ElectrapMain2:53
  • 014Feel Good ElectrapUnderscore2:56
  • 015Feel Good ElectrapAmbient2:56
  • 016Sunny ElectrapMain3:53
  • 017Sunny ElectrapUnderscore3:53
  • 018Sunny ElectrapAmbient1:48
  • 01980's ElectrapMain3:03
  • 02080's ElectrapUnderscore2:46
  • 02180's ElectrapAmbient0:58
  • 022Dynamic ElectrapMain3:07
  • 023Dynamic ElectrapUnderscore1:24
  • 024Dynamic ElectrapAmbient1:03




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