Trap Investigation

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Trap Investigation JMB 1004

Suspense, Menace & Tension: urban/trap music for TV & Drama

Jambaar Library JMB 1004

  • 001Turning WheelsMain3:47
  • 002Turning WheelsInstrumental3:47
  • 003Turning WheelsUnderscore3:47
  • 004What's Going OnMain2:39
  • 005What's Going OnInstrumental2:37
  • 006What's Going OnUnderscore2:38
  • 007Investigation TrapMain4:05
  • 008Investigation TrapUnderscore4:06
  • 009Investigation TrapAmbient1:36
  • 010Mysterious TrapMain3:02
  • 011Mysterious TrapUnderscore3:05
  • 012Mysterious TrapAmbient1:40
  • 013Tension TrapMain3:27
  • 014Tension TrapUnderscore3:27
  • 015Tension TrapAmbient1:17
  • 016Trap MenaceMain3:32
  • 017Trap MenaceUnderscore1:57
  • 018Trap MenaceAmbient0:45
  • 019Dynamic TrapMain3:10
  • 020Dynamic TrapUnderscore2:54
  • 021Dynamic TrapAmbient1:25
  • 022Suspense TrapMain3:02
  • 023Suspense TrapUnderscore1:46
  • 024Suspense TrapAmbient1:46




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