Boom Bap

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Boom Bap JMB 1001

Boom Bap Series: Songs and instrumentals inspired by 90's Hip-Hop

Jambaar Library JMB 1001

  • 001Role ModelsMain3:29
  • 002Role ModelsInstrumental3:29
  • 003Role ModelsUnderscore3:29
  • 004Tell ThemMain4:01
  • 005Tell ThemInstrumental3:57
  • 006Tell ThemUnderscore3:43
  • 007Gone With The WindMain2:17
  • 008What We ShareAlternate3:08
  • 009What We ShareInstrumental3:08
  • 010What We ShareUnderscore3:08
  • 011FraisMain3:04
  • 012FraisInstrumental3:04
  • 013FraisUnderscore3:04
  • 014On The Road AgainMain2:39
  • 015On The Road AgainInstrumental2:39
  • 016On The Road AgainUnderscore2:39
  • 017Positive RideMain3:24
  • 018Positive RideInstrumental3:20
  • 019Positive RideUnderscore3:31
  • 020Boom Bap ClassicMain3:00
  • 021Boom Bap ClassicUnderscore3:00
  • 022Boom Bap ClassicAmbient3:00




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