Urban Hip Hop

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Urban Hip Hop HR2355

Urban Hip Hop is an album full of emotional hip hop tracks with powerful beats and melodic synths.

Happy Records HR2355

  • 001HochhausthronFull Mix2:46
  • 002HochhausthronLight Mix2:46
  • 003EndeGutFull Mix3:02
  • 004EndeGutLight Mix3:02
  • 005CoffeeshopFull Mix2:19
  • 006CoffeeshopLight Mix2:19
  • 007SpringBreakAnthemFull Mix2:32
  • 008SpringBreakAnthemLight Mix2:32
  • 009SommerSchweissFull Mix2:25
  • 010SommerSchweissLight Mix2:25
  • 011FalltodFull Mix2:41
  • 012FalltodLight Mix2:41
  • 013HochverratFull Mix2:10
  • 014HochverratLight Mix2:10
  • 015ZeitVergehtFull Mix2:09
  • 016ZeitVergehtLight Mix2:09
  • 017ThatFeelingFull Mix2:24
  • 018ThatFeelingLight Mix2:23
  • 019KalterBetonFull Mix2:24
  • 020KalterBetonLight Mix2:24




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