Shadow Textures

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Shadow Textures HR2352

Shadow Textures - a collection of slow and dark tracks with a lot of atmosphere and mysterious moments.

Happy Records HR2352

  • 001Fresh AirMain2:12
  • 002Fresh AirUnderscore2:12
  • 003Quiet LakeMain2:24
  • 004Quiet LakeUnderscore2:24
  • 005Fate And GloryMain2:18
  • 006Fate And GloryUnderscore2:18
  • 007Silent PrayerMain2:21
  • 008SwimMain3:48
  • 009Light And DarkMain1:42
  • 010Light And DarkUnderscore1:42
  • 011Low RegisterMain2:40
  • 012Low RegisterUnderscore2:40
  • 013A Darker LightMain4:03
  • 014Misty TimelapseMain2:24
  • 015Misty TimelapseUnderscore2:24
  • 016Bouncing Bass BallMain1:42
  • 017Bouncing Bass BallUnderscore1:42
  • 018Slow FumesMain1:42
  • 019Slow FumesUnderscore1:42
  • 020Gloom BoomMain2:12
  • 021Gloom BoomUnderscore2:12
  • 022Low BellsMain2:16
  • 023Low BellsUnderscore2:16
  • 024Boom Bedi BoomMain2:09




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