Acoustic Movements

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Acoustic Movements HR2349

Acoustic Movements is an album full of energetic tracks that focus on motion. Music for technology, atmosphere, drama and everything that needs some energy.

Happy Records HR2349

  • 001Weaving WavesMain2:09
  • 0028 Stringed MotionMain1:55
  • 003Bass Flute WavesMain1:44
  • 004A Drummer Playing The PianoMain2:14
  • 005Clear Skies AheadMain2:10
  • 006Autumn Is Back AgainMain2:14
  • 007Glass Marimba TicMain1:38
  • 008Glocken LockMain1:48
  • 009Cello Pizz BluesMain1:51
  • 010Bird Swarm In SunlightMain1:52
  • 011Violin ViolenceMain2:26
  • 012Drummy DrumsMain1:54
  • 013Emerging AngstMain1:38
  • 014Bells A BopMain3:05
  • 015Maximal BassMain1:57
  • 016Kalimba KarachoMain1:54




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