Acoustic Spheres

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Acoustic Spheres HR2348

Acoustic Spheres is an album full of atmospheric tracks and soundscapes for technology, vast landscapes, space and sometimes drama.

Happy Records HR2348

  • 0018 Stringed SpaceMain1:54
  • 002Bass Flute SphereMain2:08
  • 003Small StoriesMain1:43
  • 004Organ DonorMain2:14
  • 005Piano ArpMain0:57
  • 006Piano ArpPiano Stem0:57
  • 007Piano ArpBells Stem0:57
  • 008Pingy Mini SphereMain1:29
  • 009One StringMain1:30
  • 010Autumn SpaceMain2:24
  • 011Autumn SpheresMain2:26
  • 012Autumn AgainMain2:16
  • 013Shimmering DropletsMain1:57
  • 014Droplets SphereMain2:00
  • 015Spiky DropletsMain1:58
  • 016Swarming DropletsMain1:58
  • 017Impressionist SpheresMain1:32
  • 018Impressionist SpacesMain1:34
  • 019Acoustic AngstMain1:32




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