Dark Tales

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Dark Tales HR2347

Dark Tales are dark, sinister tracks for nightmares, mystery or your favourite new horror series.

Happy Records HR2347

  • 001A Foolproof PlanMain1:42
  • 002A Foolproof PlanPads Stem1:42
  • 003A Foolproof PlanPiano Stem1:42
  • 004Dystopian AngstMain2:16
  • 005Dystopian AngstPads Stem2:16
  • 006Dystopian AngstScratchy Stem2:16
  • 007Dystopian AngstDrone Stem2:16
  • 008Cardio MadnessMain1:33
  • 009Cardio MadnessDrum Stem1:33
  • 010Cardio MadnessOrchestra Stem1:33
  • 011Bad OptionsMain2:12
  • 012Bad OptionsPad Stem2:12
  • 013Bad OptionsBrass Stem2:12
  • 014Bad OptionsDrums Stem2:12
  • 015This Was A ChurchMain1:58
  • 016This Was A ChurchBells Stem1:58
  • 017This Was A ChurchPad Stem1:58
  • 018Icy HomeMain1:23
  • 019I Heard SomethingMain2:03
  • 020Snow On FieldsMain1:22
  • 021Snow On FieldsPads Stem1:22
  • 022Snow On FieldsRhythm Stem1:22
  • 023My Last LetterMain2:06
  • 024My Last LetterPad Stem2:06
  • 025My Last LetterHarmonica Stem2:06
  • 026Long DriveMain1:09
  • 027Long DriveRhythm Stem1:09
  • 028Long DrivePad Stem1:09
  • 029Zero ChancesMain1:50
  • 030Zero ChancesBass Stem1:50
  • 031Zero ChancesPad Stem1:50
  • 032Deep CutMain1:58
  • 033Deep CutStrings Stem1:58
  • 034Deep CutBells Stem1:58
  • 035RemainsMain1:41
  • 036Spiral StaircaseMain1:48
  • 037Spiral StaircasePads Stem1:48
  • 038Spiral StaircaseBells Stem1:48
  • 039Bitter EndMain2:02
  • 040Bitter EndRhythm Stem2:02
  • 041Bitter EndTrumpet Stem2:02
  • 042Bitter EndPad Stem2:02




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