Lounge Remix

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Lounge Remix HR2346

Take a break and enjoy the relaxing sounds of AC Venture in this Lounge Remix edition.

Happy Records HR2346

  • 001Cool Summer Breeze (Roberto Sol Remix)Full3:53
  • 002Dubai Gold (Roberto Sol Remix)Full3:55
  • 003Beach Talk (Roberto Sol Remix)Full4:02
  • 004Penang Waltz (Roberto Sol Remix)Full4:06
  • 005Sunbath (Roberto Sol Remix)Full4:13
  • 006Miracle Moment (Roberto Sol Remix)Full3:51
  • 007Holiday In (Roberto Sol Remix)Full4:16
  • 008Marvellous Dream (Roberto Sol Remix)Full4:40
  • 009Southern Fantasy (Roberto Sol Remix)Full3:41
  • 010Rain In Spain (Roberto Sol Remix)Full3:44




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