Travel Report

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Travel Report HR2344

Guitar-driven songs that mirror colourful impressions of a joyful and varied journey from Traditional to Pop.

Happy Records HR2344

  • 001Get MeMain2:01
  • 002Get MeTuba2:02
  • 003Get MeTuba with Filter1:59
  • 004Get MeWith Crunchy Guitar2:00
  • 005Get MeUnderscore2:00
  • 006Get MeUnderscore with Filter2:00
  • 007Get MeAcoustic Version2:00
  • 008Get MeStings0:33
  • 009Minor MelodyMain1:38
  • 010Minor MelodyAlternate1:42
  • 011Minor MelodyAlternate with Drums1:37
  • 012Minor MelodyAlternate 21:47
  • 013Minor MelodyHouse Version1:46
  • 014Minor MelodyStings2:01
  • 015Pick Me UpMain1:30
  • 016Pick Me UpUnderscore1:30
  • 017Pick Me UpAlternate1:22
  • 018Pick Me UpAlternate 21:29
  • 019Pick Me UpAlternate with Solo1:28
  • 020Pick Me UpStings0:22
  • 021Waltz In FiveMain1:14
  • 022Waltz In FiveWith Banjo1:10
  • 023Waltz In FiveCrunchy Melody1:12
  • 024Waltz In FiveClean Melody1:12
  • 025Waltz In FiveAcoustic Version1:10
  • 026Waltz In FiveUnderscore1:10
  • 027Waltz In FiveStings0:41
  • 028CountrylikeMain1:11
  • 029CountrylikeWith Groove1:11
  • 030CountrylikeWith Jawharp1:12
  • 031CountrylikeWith Banjo1:13
  • 032CountrylikeWith Banjo Alternate1:11
  • 033CountrylikeStings0:39
  • 034Just BeautifulMain1:21
  • 035Just BeautifulAlternate1:26
  • 036Just BeautifulAlternate 21:23
  • 037Just BeautifulWith Groove1:27
  • 038Just BeautifulWith Synth1:39




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