Fantastic Voyage

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Fantastic Voyage HR2342

Fantastic Voyage is an album full of little wonders and magical sounds for inspiring moments in nature, secret worlds and the adventures of fantasy.

Happy Records HR2342

  • 001Opening FlowerMain1:04
  • 002Opening FlowerUnderscore1:04
  • 003Opening FlowerAlternate Main1:06
  • 004Opening FlowerAlternate Underscore1:06
  • 005A Big MassMain1:33
  • 006A Big MassUnderscore1:33
  • 007A Big MassArpeggios1:33
  • 008Magic HourMain2:22
  • 009Magic HourUnderscore2:22
  • 010New DayMain2:15
  • 011New DayUnderscore2:15
  • 012My Lucky DayMain2:00
  • 013My Lucky DayUnderscore2:00
  • 014Wind on the LakeMain2:18
  • 015Wind on the LakeUnderscore2:18
  • 016Painting on GlassMain1:40
  • 017Painting on GlassUnderscore1:40
  • 018StargazingMain2:08
  • 019StargazingUnderscore2:08
  • 020Balloon FlightMain3:40
  • 021Balloon FlightUnderscore3:40
  • 022Balloon FlightBass and Drums3:40
  • 023Wind in TreesMain1:30
  • 024Wind in TreesUnderscore1:30
  • 025Wind in TreesBells Only1:30
  • 026Wind in TreesKeys Only1:30
  • 027Wind in TreesViola Only1:30
  • 028Woke Up SmilingMain1:58
  • 029Woke Up SmilingUnderscore1:59
  • 030Summer Clouds RisingMain2:42
  • 031Summer Clouds RisingUnderscore2:42




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