Witty Reworks

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Witty Reworks HR2341

Film Score of an intelligent, humorous kind with great attention to detail.

Happy Records HR2341

  • 001Bugs and BunniesMain1:03
  • 002Bugs and BunniesWith Beat1:03
  • 003Pizza CatoMain1:12
  • 004Pizza CatoWith Drums1:13
  • 005Pizza CatoAlternate1:28
  • 006Prince CharmingMain1:27
  • 007Prince CharmingAlternate1:27
  • 008Ragtop RideMain2:04
  • 009Ragtop RideUnderscore 12:05
  • 010Ragtop RideGuitars Only0:49
  • 011Ragtop RideUnderscore 21:22
  • 012Ragtop RideAlternate0:47
  • 013Ragtop RideSting 10:14
  • 014Ragtop RideSting 20:10
  • 015Marple FootstepsMain0:40
  • 016Marple FootstepsNo Vibes0:40
  • 017Marple FootstepsWith Synth1:29
  • 018Marple FootstepsAlternate1:29
  • 019Rum Of JamaicaMain2:06
  • 020Rum Of JamaicaAlternate2:06
  • 021Rum Of JamaicaUnderscore2:06




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