Acoustic Quirks

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Acoustic Quirks HR2340

A collection of acoustic quirky vibes that perfectly fits playing children, animals and comic scenes or weird situations.

Happy Records HR2340

  • 002Dancing ClassMain1:00
  • 003Cruise With FrankMain1:20
  • 004Mighty HurryMain0:55
  • 005Seems A MistakeMain0:23
  • 006The Blue CatMain0:45
  • 007Salsa SpiesMain0:55
  • 008Sausage DogMain0:16
  • 009Buggaloo BuggerMain1:11
  • 010Mangos For MungosMain0:54
  • 011Sunny WalkMain1:09
  • 012A Nice SerenadeMain0:48
  • 013Crazy Ragtime GuyMain1:36
  • 014Elephant in the RoomMain1:12
  • 015Elephant in the RoomAlt Version1:01
  • 016Franken SirtakiMain1:33
  • 017Tango SpiesMain0:55
  • 018It's a JungleMain1:52
  • 019It's a JungleWith Solo1:57
  • 020It's a JungleBig Orchestra1:57
  • 021It's a JungleStrings0:51
  • 022Enjoy Your BreakfastMain1:37
  • 023Random RumbaMain1:14
  • 024Ring Of RosesMain1:21
  • 025Funky KalypsoMain1:06
  • 027Romantic Comedy OpenerMain0:53
  • 028Breakfast in the GardenMain1:23
  • 029Breakfast in the GardenUnderscore1:04
  • 030Ska OutburstMain0:56
  • 031The Happy CalypsoMain2:30
  • 032Sad Like A CucumberMain1:31
  • 033Garden PartyMain1:25
  • 034Garden PartyAlt Version1:03
  • 036The Faster Happy CoupleMain1:19




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