Orchestral Drama

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Orchestral Drama HR2339

Orchestral drama brings great orchestral sound. A genuine symphonic orchestra creates soundscapes of high intensity. Great music for exciting stories and wide pictures. Cinematic, dramatic, dense.

Happy Records HR2339

  • 001Vastness Of The PrairieMain2:01
  • 002Across Two OceansMain4:49
  • 003Mad HunterMain3:50
  • 004Love Affair PinkMain3:38
  • 005No Love StoryMain2:46
  • 006Painful PendulumMain2:37
  • 007Where's Mrs. MarpleMain1:54
  • 008Brewing MischiefMain1:30
  • 009Off To These HillsMain2:07
  • 010Love Affair YellowMain1:44
  • 011Sad DesperadoMain2:56
  • 012Harps And KnivesMain1:56
  • 013The Last WalkMain3:45
  • 014Love Affair BlueMain2:03
  • 015Dismal ThinkingMain2:12
  • 016EastwindMain2:41
  • 017The Polar SeaMain4:02
  • 018Off To Those HillsMain2:07




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