Pure Nature

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Pure Nature HR2338

Cello and piano in harmony. If nature could play instruments, it would certainly sound the same. Many versions, perfect for nature photos, travel or a relaxed flight over a national park.

Happy Records HR2338

  • 001Sparkling CreekMain3:27
  • 002The LakeMain2:41
  • 003NightfallMain2:57
  • 004Sparkling CreekPiano3:26
  • 005The LakePiano2:41
  • 006NightfallPiano2:57
  • 007Sparkling CreekPiano with FX3:34
  • 008The LakePiano with FX2:43
  • 009NightfallPiano with FX3:01
  • 010Sparkling CreekCello with FX2:36
  • 011The LakeCello with FX2:19
  • 012NightfallCello with FX3:04
  • 013Sparkling CreekCello with Synth2:56
  • 014The LakeCello with Synth2:21
  • 015NightfallCello with Synth2:59




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