Pulse Fiction 3 - Multiple Echoes

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Pulse Fiction 3 - Multiple Echoes HR2337

With "Pulse Fiction 3 - Multiple Echoes" Martin Grassl once again creates dark soundscapes and pure suspense. With continuous pulsation, but also with spherical sounds and surfaces, well-placed rhythms and a pinch of mystery, he continues the successful series Pulse Fiction. And if you still have not had enough, listen to Pulse Fiction 1 & 2 (HR 2326 & HR 2328). Suitable for technology, thriller, research and everything, where it may be exciting.

Happy Records HR2337

  • 001Pulsar 1Main2:07
  • 002Pulsar 1Short Version0:27
  • 003Martial ArtsMain2:08
  • 004Martial Artswithout Drums2:06
  • 005Pulsar 2Main2:06
  • 006Pulsar 2Short version0:25
  • 007Mysterious EchoesMain1:33
  • 008Mysterious Echoeswith Accents1:32
  • 009Silver ShadowMain1:25
  • 010Silver ShadowUnderscore1:15
  • 011The GlacierMain1:43
  • 012Cause for ConcernMain2:01
  • 013Spooky SnapMain1:50
  • 014Spooky SnapUnderscore1:51
  • 015Static ConverterMain1:55
  • 016MetropolisMain1:57
  • 017Metropoliswithout Drums2:00
  • 018MetropolisPower short0:55
  • 019GlimmerMain1:26
  • 020No GravityMain1:57
  • 021No GravityUnderscore1:56
  • 022Magical OverdriveMain1:46
  • 023Magical OverdriveUnderscore1:46
  • 024Big City NewsMain1:56
  • 025Big City NewsUnderscore1:56
  • 026Slam DunkMain2:26
  • 027Slam Dunkwithout Drums2:27
  • 028Slam DunkSlim underscore2:26
  • 029Slam DunkFast2:19
  • 030Slam DunkFast, without Drums2:18
  • 031Slam DunkFast, Slim underscore2:18
  • 032ManhuntMain2:06
  • 033Manhuntwithout Drums2:05
  • 034TerrorMain1:21
  • 035Evil HitsMain1:25




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