Fragrancia do Brasil

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Fragrancia do Brasil HR2334

The flavour of Brazil! A very colourful mix of authentic, fun-loving tracks, some with Portuguese vocals. Reportage, Brazil, Travel, Summer, Beach, Southern Atmosphere, Advertising.

Happy Records HR2334

  • 001Cidade De OuroMain2:40
  • 002Chorinho Pra VoceMain2:49
  • 003Alma EstrelaMain4:50
  • 004Rainbow Bridge StoryMain3:13
  • 005MarapendiMain3:10
  • 006Gracas Da CorMain3:16
  • 007Colourful LifeMain2:52
  • 008Tanto MarMain4:54
  • 009Viva A AlegriaMain2:48
  • 010Magic Calypso IslandMain2:26
  • 011Pra ChanelMain2:59
  • 012Red Moon SkyMain3:38
  • 013Acuario's DanceMain3:26
  • 014Lost & FoundMain3:22
  • 015Cidade De OuroUnderscore3:18
  • 016Chorinho Pra VoceUnderscore2:49
  • 017Alma EstrelaUnderscore4:50
  • 018Rainbow Bridge Storywithout Vocal3:13
  • 019Rainbow Bridge StoryUnderscore3:13
  • 020MarapendiFl├╝gelhorn only3:10
  • 021MarapendiUnderscore3:10
  • 022Gracas Da CorUnderscore3:16
  • 023Colourful LifeUnderscore2:52
  • 024Tanto MarInstrumental Version4:54
  • 025Tanto MarUnderscore4:54
  • 026Viva A AlegriaUnderscore2:48
  • 027Magic Calypso IslandWithout Vocal2:26
  • 028Red Moon SkyUnderscore3:38
  • 029Acuario's DanceUnderscore3:26




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