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Own Songs HR2333

Flower Power from two authentic 68’s songwriters incl. instrumental versions! Documentary, Vintage, Woodstock, Advertising.

Happy Records HR2333

  • 001Flower Power ManMain3:16
  • 002Rainbow In The Sky (Part 1)Main3:31
  • 003Live TogetherMain2:39
  • 004Love Is The AnswerMain3:24
  • 005Word To MamaMain2:51
  • 006Rainbow In The Sky (Part 2)Main3:35
  • 007Flower Power ManInstrumental3:18
  • 008Rainbow In The Sky (Part 1)Instrumental3:33
  • 009Live TogetherInstrumental2:39
  • 010Love Is The AnswerInstrumental3:24
  • 011Word To MamaInstrumental2:51
  • 012Rainbow In The Sky (Part 2)Instrumental3:40




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