Summer Breeze

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Summer Breeze HR2332

Just relax: guitar, bass and drums/percussion are playing emotive music with a laid-back feeling. Get the groove and join the cruise, it's going to be summer! For city and countryside, holidays and travel, sailing, flying and anything else on cloud nine.

Happy Records HR2332

  • 001Backstreet ManMain3:44
  • 002Cool Summer BreezeMain3:12
  • 003Lazy TalkMain2:35
  • 004Penang WaltzMain3:00
  • 005Miracle MomentsMain3:08
  • 006Dubai GoldMain3:21
  • 007Silver CruiseMain3:31
  • 008Siesta BolivianaMain3:06
  • 009Carlos On The RoadMain3:24
  • 010Coconut MoveMain3:36
  • 011Fly EagleMain3:38
  • 012Rock DownMain3:04
  • 013Wind WalkMain3:25




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