Witty Discoveries

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Witty Discoveries HR2331

Film Score of an intelligent, humorous kind with many surprising effects and great attention to detail.

Happy Records HR2331

  • 001Puppet RiddleMain2:50
  • 002The Whistle BlowerMain2:21
  • 003Buzz OffMain2:20
  • 004Witty DiscoveryMain2:47
  • 005Maypole JamboreeMain1:59
  • 006Mister MarpleMain2:28
  • 007Smart TurnMain2:43
  • 008Fun Of JamaicaMain2:06
  • 009Lightweight StompMain2:05
  • 010Comical SeductionMain1:52
  • 011Ticking MovementMain2:25
  • 012Fancy DressMain2:26
  • 013Light ThreesomeMain1:58
  • 014Big EntranceMain1:54
  • 015Little Comic WalkRemix2:03
  • 016Puppet RiddleUnderscore2:20
  • 017Puppet Riddlewithout Percussion2:50
  • 018The Whistle BlowerUnderscore2:20
  • 019Buzz Offwithout Percussion2:21
  • 020Maypole Jamboreewithout Percussion1:59
  • 021Maypole Jamboreewithout Ukulele and Percussion1:59
  • 022Mister Marplewithout Trumpet2:29
  • 023Mister Marplewithout Trumpet, Clarinet and Vibraphone2:29
  • 024Fun Of Jamaicawithout Strings2:07
  • 025Fun Of Jamaicawithout Percussion2:07
  • 026Lightweight StompUnderscore2:05
  • 027Lightweight Stompwithout Percussion2:04
  • 028Comical Seductionwithout Saxophone1:11
  • 029Ticking Movementwithout Xylophone2:17
  • 030Fancy DressUnderscore2:27
  • 031Fancy Dresswithout Strings2:27
  • 032Light Threesomewithout Strings and Percussion1:58
  • 033Little Comic Walkwithout Percussion2:02
  • 034Little Comic Walkwithout Clarinet and Marimba2:02
  • 035Little Comic Walkwithout Marimba2:02




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