Voice & Bass - With & Without Words

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Voice & Bass - With & Without Words HR2329

Can you believe it? This sounds like a complete band - but it's just one bass and one voice! Documentary, culture, advertising, soulful, narrative.

Happy Records HR2329

  • 001For EveryoneMain2:50
  • 002Doch nur ein Kuss (Just A Kiss)Main3:25
  • 003Life Is Calling MeMain3:48
  • 004YouMain3:44
  • 005Round And RoundMain2:50
  • 006So You SeeMain2:47
  • 007An sich für mich (Lost In Thought)Main2:52
  • 008Lost And FoundMain2:43
  • 009FeelingsMain5:02
  • 010Face the TruthMain3:21
  • 011Words Without WordsMain3:14
  • 012Big Rainy SeasonMain5:08
  • 013There's really nothingMain3:34
  • 014Welt aus Eis (World Of Ice)Main3:10
  • 015For EveryoneVocalise2:50
  • 016Doch nur ein Kuss (Just A Kiss)Vocalise2:49
  • 017Life Is Calling MeVocalise3:00
  • 018YouVocalise3:46
  • 019Round And RoundVocalise2:50
  • 020So You SeeVocalise2:36
  • 021An sich für mich (Lost In Thought)Vocalise2:42
  • 022Lost And FoundVocalise2:43
  • 023FeelingsVocalise3:42
  • 024Face the TruthVocalise3:21
  • 025Words Without WordsVocalise3:14
  • 026Big Rainy SeasonVocalise3:44
  • 027There's really nothingVocalise3:26
  • 028Welt aus Eis (World Of Ice)Vocalise3:09




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