Pulse Fiction 2 - A New Perspective

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Pulse Fiction 2 - A New Perspective HR2328

More up to date sound design! Intriguing harmonic texture and rhythmic elements create a tense, eerie, mysterious, dark atmosphere.

Happy Records HR2328

  • 001Sudden CrisisMain2:12
  • 002Morph AirMain2:33
  • 003DropoutMain2:26
  • 004Gas LeakMain1:34
  • 005Creeping CurrentMain1:19
  • 006EpiphanyMain1:44
  • 007DefenestrationMain2:15
  • 008Nuclear ShimmerMain1:20
  • 009HybridMain1:27
  • 010Night SteamMain1:41
  • 011Harmonic PulseMain1:34
  • 012Mystery MotionMain2:07
  • 013Forbidden GraveMain1:56
  • 014Polar LightsMain2:03
  • 015Fast and FuriousMain1:40
  • 016Metallic RailMain1:56
  • 017Black RiserMain1:25
  • 018Aerial MysteryMain1:50
  • 019Manic TeacherMain2:18
  • 020Dim SweeperMain2:14
  • 021TectronicMain2:11
  • 022Metal HitsMain1:59
  • 023Flying DaggerMain1:16
  • 024Steel BumpMain2:01
  • 025BackboneMain2:08
  • 026Undiluted TruthMain1:49
  • 027Jungle FeverMain2:08
  • 028Depressive TaleMain1:56
  • 029Dreaming SkaMain2:21




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