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Discovery Box HR2327

LouPoe opens his discovery box: Electronic sounds (no canned junk though!) combine with his typical, nasty guitar style. Extraordinary soundscapes emerge, filled with clusters and melodic elements.

Happy Records HR2327

  • 001Crack Of DawnMain3:40
  • 002Unexpected LightsMain3:14
  • 003Solenoid PowerMain2:58
  • 004Painted ReefMain3:42
  • 005Turquoise EarthMain2:57
  • 006Creeping LavaMain3:15
  • 007Moist ForestMain3:13
  • 008Electric RayMain3:37
  • 009Desert MornMain4:51
  • 010AsteroidMain1:22
  • 011Universe SunupMain1:26
  • 012Little Seal StellaMain3:36
  • 013Nightfall TrailMain2:40
  • 014Crack Of Dawnwithout Rhythm3:40
  • 015Unexpected LightsUnderscore3:14
  • 016Solenoid Powerwithout Rhythm2:58
  • 017Painted Reefwithout Rhythm3:42
  • 018Turquoise Earthwithout Rhythm2:57
  • 019Creeping Lavawithout Rhythm3:15
  • 020Moist Forestwithout Rhythm3:13
  • 021Desert Mornwithout Rhythm4:51
  • 022Little Seal Stellawithout Rhythm3:36
  • 023Nightfall Trailwithout Rhythm2:40




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