Pulse Fiction

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Pulse Fiction HR2326

The dark side of the force! Up to date sound design, with enigmatic melodic fragments inside, create a dramatic, eerie, mysterious, dark atmosphere. Ideal for all that seethes and pulsates within.

Happy Records HR2326

  • 001Mechanical EchoesMain2:48
  • 002SubatomicMain1:45
  • 003Doom's DistrictMain1:57
  • 004Beyond DeepMain1:47
  • 005Before The StormMain1:57
  • 006FermentationMain2:36
  • 007Depressive StateMain2:03
  • 008AndromedaMain1:59
  • 009LSDMain2:07
  • 010Bad VibrationsMain1:49
  • 011Static ChargeMain2:08
  • 012Dark BreathMain2:53
  • 013Monster's BroodMain1:57
  • 014HypertensiveMain2:33
  • 015Swelling DisasterMain2:09
  • 016Out Of BalanceMain1:56
  • 017Pulse Of TerrorMain2:07
  • 018Oil LeakMain2:10
  • 019Alien ApproachMain2:12
  • 020Psycho PulsationMain2:01
  • 021Grim ReaperMain2:06
  • 022Tears Of EvilMain2:12
  • 023Dark PlanetMain1:48
  • 024Steel MachineMain2:13
  • 025Murderous SuspenseMain2:10




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