Male Box

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Male Box HR2324

Phat guitar sound and creative groove join in a striking sound collage.

Happy Records HR2324

  • 001Black PatrolMain3:07
  • 002Urban HideawayMain2:34
  • 003Male BoxMain3:25
  • 004Sweet 'N' BitterMain2:53
  • 005No ResistanceMain3:32
  • 006Fat FrogMain2:19
  • 007Ultimate ChallengeMain2:13
  • 008Half A TripMain3:30
  • 009Flat PlanetMain4:07
  • 010Slow FishesMain3:04
  • 011Sliding BackMain3:00
  • 012Black PatrolUnderscore3:07
  • 013Urban HideawayUnderscore2:34
  • 014Male BoxUnderscore3:23
  • 015Male Boxwithout Rhythm3:25
  • 016Sweet 'N' BitterUnderscore2:55
  • 017Sweet 'N' Bitterwithout Rhythm2:54
  • 018No ResistanceUnderscore3:32
  • 019No Resistancewithout Rhythm3:30
  • 020Fat FrogUnderscore2:19
  • 021Fat Frogwithout Rhythm2:19
  • 022Ultimate ChallengeUnderscore2:13
  • 023Ultimate Challengewithout Rhythm2:13
  • 024Half A TripUnderscore3:23
  • 025Flat PlanetUnderscore3:58
  • 026Flat Planetwithout Rhythm3:58
  • 027Slow FishesUnderscore3:00
  • 028Slow Fisheswithout Rhythm3:00




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