Summer Cruise

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Summer Cruise HR2323

Just relax: guitar, bass and drums/percussion are playing emotive music with a laid-back feeling. Get the groove and join the cruise, it's going to be summer! For city and countryside, holidays and travel, sailing, flying and anything else on cloud nine.

Happy Records HR2323

  • 001Summer CruiseMain3:41
  • 002Beach TalkMain3:02
  • 003Think About PeaceMain2:46
  • 004Clear DayMain3:13
  • 005SunbathMain3:09
  • 006Marvellous DreamMain3:34
  • 007Across The SkiesMain3:06
  • 008Train Of ThoughtsMain3:33
  • 009The Day Goes OnMain3:16
  • 010Holiday InMain3:03
  • 011Rain In SpainMain2:54
  • 012Southern FantasyMain3:25
  • 013El ViajaMain3:27
  • 014Silent PartingMain2:29
  • 015Summer CruiseUnderscore3:41
  • 016Summer Cruisewithout Drums3:41
  • 017Beach TalkUnderscore3:02
  • 018Beach Talkwithout Drums3:01
  • 019Think About Peacewithout Percussion2:45
  • 020Clear DayUnderscore3:13
  • 021Clear Daywithout Drums3:10
  • 022SunbathUnderscore3:08
  • 023Sunbathwithout Drums3:03
  • 024Marvellous DreamUnderscore3:34
  • 025Marvellous Dreamwithout Drums3:33
  • 026Across The Skieswithout Drums3:05
  • 027Train Of ThoughtsUnderscore3:33
  • 028Train Of Thoughtswithout Drums3:24
  • 029The Day Goes Onwithout Drums3:16
  • 030Holiday InUnderscore3:03
  • 031Holiday Inwithout Drums2:51
  • 032Rain In SpainUnderscore2:54
  • 033Rain In Spainwithout Drums2:54
  • 034Southern FantasyUnderscore3:25
  • 035Southern Fantasywithout Drums3:25
  • 036El ViajaUnderscore3:26
  • 037El Viajawithout Drums3:28




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