Alla Finestra - Trio3D

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Alla Finestra - Trio3D HR2322

Masterstrokes with extraordinary sound and the typical 3D instrumentation. Smiling, funny.

Happy Records HR2322

  • 001Mark Twain In HeidelbergMain3:02
  • 002The Story Of Fynn And AlfieMain4:45
  • 003Back To YouMain2:43
  • 004Run Around The TableMain1:16
  • 005Multiphone 3Short Version0:54
  • 006O Susanna MioMain6:19
  • 007Klezmar FeastMain3:19
  • 008Gynt VibrationsMain6:34
  • 009Peak WalkMain3:08
  • 010Multiphone 4Short Version0:31
  • 011Alla FinestraMain5:00
  • 012Lucky LookMain2:35
  • 013NivanaShort Version0:30
  • 014RavoleroMain5:23




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