Acoustic Jamboree

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Acoustic Jamboree HR2321

The pure joy of making music is the heart of this production: a spontaneous, joyful get-together of musicians who love their instruments and enjoy playing and having fun together. Don't worry, be happy! These are the ideal sounds for TV drama, series, documentaries, advertising, animation etc.

Happy Records HR2321

  • 001Whistler WalkMain2:19
  • 002Gipsy Fast ForwardMain2:31
  • 003Roguish TrickMain2:09
  • 004Cute FrogsMain2:21
  • 005Yiddish EpisodeMain2:06
  • 006Riverside BikingMain2:13
  • 007Irish TapMain1:49
  • 008Kazoos CallingMain2:45
  • 009Hillside JamboreeMain2:15
  • 010Cozy TrekMain2:16
  • 011Elephant's Next CoupMain2:08
  • 012Fast BeerMain2:10
  • 013Honey Side UpMain2:22
  • 014FincaoMain3:01
  • 015Lazy BoneMain2:23
  • 016Whistler WalkUnderscore2:19
  • 017Gipsy Fast ForwardUnderscore2:20
  • 018Roguish Trickwithout Drums and Guitar2:10
  • 019Cute FrogsUnderscore2:21
  • 020Cute Frogswithout Drums2:21
  • 021Yiddish Episodewithout Drums2:06
  • 022Yiddish Episodewithout Drums and Tuba2:05
  • 023Riverside Bikingwithout Drums and Bass2:13
  • 024Irish TapUnderscore1:48
  • 025Irish Tapwithout Drums1:48
  • 026Kazoos CallingUnderscore2:45
  • 027Hillside JamboreeUnderscore2:14
  • 028Cozy Trekwithout Drums2:15
  • 029Elephant's Next CoupUnderscore2:09
  • 030Elephant's Next Coupwithout Drums2:09
  • 031Fast BeerUnderscore2:10
  • 032Fast Beerwithout Drums and Bass2:10
  • 033Honey Side UpUnderscore2:20
  • 034Lazy BoneUnderscore2:22
  • 035Lazy Bonewithout Drums and Bass2:17




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