Dark Paintings

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Dark Paintings HR2319

Sophisticatedly produced sound picture powerfully depicts the dark sides of life - fear, despair, loneliness, pain, threat, catastrophe, tragedy.

Happy Records HR2319

  • 001Fatal ThreatMain2:29
  • 002Serious CalmMain4:21
  • 003Black MassMain3:19
  • 004Sybillic SoundsMain2:27
  • 005Mysterious SeductionMain3:01
  • 006Wicked ParanoiaMain2:19
  • 007Eccentric PathwaysMain2:31
  • 008Strange Shades Of FearMain2:16
  • 009Nervous CoolnessMain3:56
  • 010The StalkerMain3:00
  • 011Fairly IndifferentMain2:18
  • 012Secret ChangesMain2:49
  • 013Subtle IronyMain1:57
  • 014HomicideMain2:44
  • 015Fatal Threatwithout Drums2:29
  • 016Fatal Threatwithout Strings2:29
  • 017Serious Calmwithout Percussion4:20
  • 018Serious Calmwithout Clarinet and Percussion4:20
  • 019Black Masswithout Drums3:18
  • 020Black Masswithout Guitar3:18
  • 021Sybillic Soundswithout Drums2:26
  • 022Sybillic Soundswithout Piano2:27
  • 023Mysterious Seductionwithout Vocal3:00
  • 024Wicked Paranoiawithout Percussion2:19
  • 025Wicked Paranoiawithout Piano2:19
  • 026Wicked Paranoiawithout Piano and Percussion2:19
  • 027Eccentric Pathwayswithout Percussion2:32
  • 028Eccentric Pathwayswithout Flute and Clarinet2:31
  • 029Strange Shades Of Fearwithout Percussion2:16
  • 030Strange Shades Of Fearwithout Saxophon2:16
  • 031Nervous Coolnesswithout Drums3:56
  • 032Nervous Coolnesswithout Guitar3:56
  • 033Nervous Coolnesswithout Guitar and Drums3:57
  • 034The Stalkerwithout Percussion3:00
  • 035Fairly Indifferentwithout Drums2:08
  • 036Fairly Indifferentwithout Clarinet2:18
  • 037Secret Changeswithout Bass and Drums2:49
  • 038Subtle Ironywithout Percussion1:57
  • 039Subtle Ironywithout Vibraphon1:58
  • 040Homicidewithout Guitar2:43




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