Light Paintings

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Light Paintings HR2318

Sophisticatedly produced sound picture powerfully depicts the positive sides of life - warmth, experience of nature, awakening, meditation, lightness, peace.

Happy Records HR2318

  • 001Peaceful DoomMain2:50
  • 002Cosmic BreezeMain2:25
  • 003Meditation At DawnMain2:28
  • 004Bond FragmentsMain2:54
  • 005Vibrant MountainsMain3:12
  • 006Spheric PulseMain3:00
  • 007Sunrise In ParadiseMain2:52
  • 008Wide Summer StreamMain3:38
  • 009Cosy LonelinessMain2:10
  • 010Estival SolitaireMain2:40
  • 011DreamingMain2:38
  • 012Delirious R.E.M.Main2:33
  • 013To A Far HorizonMain3:06
  • 014Joyous ZenMain2:40
  • 01516:09Main2:27
  • 016Peaceful Doomwithout Percussion2:50
  • 017Cosmic Breezewithout Guitar2:23
  • 018Meditation At Dawnwithout Percussion2:29
  • 019Meditation At Dawnwithout Saxophon2:29
  • 020Bond Fragmentswithout Drums2:54
  • 021Bond Fragmentswithout Piano and Violin2:54
  • 022Vibrant Mountainswithout Percussion3:12
  • 023Vibrant Mountainswithout Clarinet and Percussion3:12
  • 024Spheric Pulsewithout Drums and Bass3:00
  • 025Sunrise In Paradisewithout Percussion2:52
  • 026Sunrise In Paradisewithout Flute2:52
  • 027Sunrise In Paradisewithout Flute and Percussion2:52
  • 028Wide Summer Streamwithout Drums and Rhythmguitar3:38
  • 029Wide Summer Streamwithout Solo- and Rhythmguitar3:38
  • 030Cosy Lonelinesswithout Percussion2:10
  • 031Cosy Lonelinesswithout Flute2:10
  • 032Estival Solitairewithout Percussion2:42
  • 033Estival Solitairewithout Guitar2:42
  • 034Dreamingwithout Percussion2:39
  • 035Dreamingwithout Guitar2:39
  • 036Delirious R.E.M.without Percussion2:33
  • 037Delirious R.E.M.without Saxophon2:33
  • 038To A Far Horizonwithout Flute3:06
  • 039Joyous Zenwithout Guitar and Percussion2:42
  • 04016:09without Percussion2:27




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