Guitar Kaleidoscope

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Guitar Kaleidoscope HR2317

Miniature melodic musical jewel, delicately balanced with restrainedly employed melody and percussion instruments. For travel, landscapes, holidays, city, carefree or contemplative scenes.

Happy Records HR2317

  • 001SonarMain2:10
  • 002Just In TimeMain2:34
  • 003In MalagaMain1:53
  • 004Daltons On The RunMain2:33
  • 005MadagascarMain2:53
  • 006Fly Condor FlyMain2:26
  • 007Gl├╝ckstein RagMain2:46
  • 008After The ShootoutMain2:22
  • 009Charango And The BearMain2:58
  • 010Pictures Of RomanceMain2:54
  • 011Sirtaki ReggaeMain2:45
  • 012Spanish OctoberMain1:31
  • 013Happy HowMain3:45
  • 014Where Are You Now?Main3:25
  • 015Fun FactorMain2:15
  • 016Clouds Of HopeMain3:19
  • 017Tickle PolkaMain2:29
  • 018The Down Bed (S' Daunebettche)Main1:24




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