NEW DESTINATION more than score

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NEW DESTINATION more than score HR2309

Lavishly produced film score music in the style of Lord Of The Rings, Gladiator, Pirates Of The Carribean, Star Wars, Planet Of The Apes and Batman. Recorded with an orchestra, which is suitable not only for film scores but also for documentations, TV drama, trailers, TV current affairs programs, reporting etc. thanks to modern arrangements and orchestrations. The alternative versions offer various possibilities of adjusting the music to the images.

Happy Records HR2309

  • 001Massive ApproachMain2:50
  • 002Romantic PanoramaMain3:48
  • 003A TributeMain2:11
  • 004Winter SunMain3:22
  • 005GynéphilieMain2:13
  • 006Heroic AirMain2:50
  • 007Giant LoveMain3:27
  • 008Planet Of SuspenseMain2:19
  • 009Familiar DramaMain2:20
  • 010New DestinationMain2:27
  • 011Little Comic WalkMain2:02
  • 012Mystery LadyMain3:08
  • 013Sparkling NatureMain2:56
  • 014Ride Of The FirehorsesMain2:32
  • 015Downtown ChaseMain1:59
  • 016Massive Approachwithout Percussion1:40
  • 017Massive ApproachStrings/Percussion2:00
  • 018Romantic PanoramaStrings3:48
  • 019Romantic PanoramaCor Anglais/Clarinet/Strings3:48
  • 020Romantic PanoramaPiano3:38
  • 021A TributeUnderscore2:11
  • 022Winter Sunwithout Rhythm3:22
  • 023GynéphiliePiano2:13
  • 024Heroic AirHorn/Strings/Percussion0:40
  • 025Giant LoveOboe/Clarinet/Guitar1:15
  • 026Giant Lovewithout Oboe and Clarinet3:28
  • 027Giant LoveStrings3:28
  • 028Planet Of Suspensewithout Piano2:19
  • 029Planet Of SuspenseStrings/Percussion2:15
  • 030Familiar Dramawithout Cor Anglais2:20
  • 031Little Comic WalkClarinet, Bassoon, Strings2:02
  • 032Little Comic WalkClarinet, Bassoon, Percussion1:57
  • 033Mystery LadyVocal/Piano/Strings2:00
  • 034Mystery LadyVocal/Piano/Rhythm2:59
  • 035Ride Of The FirehorsesOboe/Horn/Strings2:31
  • 036Ride Of The FirehorsesStrings1:46
  • 037Ride Of The FirehorsesStrings/Percussion1:45
  • 038Downtown ChaseShort Version, Strings0:51
  • 039Massive ApproachShort Version1:00
  • 040Romantic PanoramaShort Version1:00
  • 041A TributeShort Version1:00
  • 042Winter SunShort Version1:00
  • 043GynéphilieShort Version1:00
  • 044Heroic AirShort Version1:00
  • 045Giant LoveShort Version1:00
  • 046Planet Of SuspenseShort Version1:00
  • 047Familiar DramaShort Version1:00
  • 048Familiar DramaShort Version, without Cor Anglais1:00
  • 049New DestinationShort Version1:00
  • 050Little Comic WalkShort Version1:00
  • 051Mystery LadyShort Version1:00
  • 052Ride Of The FirehorsesShort Version1:00
  • 053Downtown ChaseShort Version1:00
  • 054Massive ApproachShort Version0:30
  • 055Romantic PanoramaShort Version0:30
  • 056A TributeShort Version0:30
  • 057Winter SunShort Version0:30
  • 058GynéphilieShort Version0:30
  • 059Heroic AirShort Version0:30
  • 060Giant LoveShort Version0:30
  • 061Planet Of SuspenseShort Version0:30
  • 062Familiar DramaShort Version0:30
  • 063Familiar DramaShort Version, without Cor Anglais0:30
  • 064New DestinationShort Version0:30
  • 065Little Comic WalkShort Version0:30
  • 066Mystery LadyShort Version0:30
  • 067Sparkling NatureShort Version0:30
  • 068Ride Of The FirehorsesShort Version0:30
  • 069Downtown ChaseShort Version0:30




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