Visual Scene - A Journey Into Drum 'N' Bass

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Visual Scene - A Journey Into Drum 'N' Bass HR2301

Drum and bass rhythms in melodious songs and arrangements for computer, sports, fashion, slow motion, free time, advertising.

Happy Records HR2301

  • 001Black OutMain3:11
  • 002Splitting ImageMain3:02
  • 003IntroludeMain3:06
  • 004ApocalypsoMain2:55
  • 005City StrollerMain3:11
  • 006Cosmic ParadiseMain3:05
  • 007Crazy HabbitMain2:49
  • 008ApollogyMain2:47
  • 009AurelyaMain3:06
  • 010Pink WalkMain3:08
  • 011Black OutShort Version1:00
  • 012Splitting ImageShort Version1:00
  • 013IntroludeShort Version1:00
  • 014ApocalypsoShort Version1:00
  • 015City StrollerShort Version1:00
  • 016Cosmic ParadiseShort Version1:00
  • 017Crazy HabbitShort Version1:00
  • 018ApollogyShort Version1:00
  • 019AurelyaShort Version1:00
  • 020Pink WalkShort Version1:00
  • 021Black OutShort Version0:30
  • 022Splitting ImageShort Version0:30
  • 023IntroludeShort Version0:30
  • 024ApocalypsoShort Version0:30
  • 025City StrollerShort Version0:30
  • 026Cosmic ParadiseShort Version0:30
  • 027Crazy HabbitShort Version0:30
  • 028ApollogyShort Version0:30
  • 029AurelyaShort Version 10:30
  • 030AurelyaShort Version 20:30
  • 031Pink WalkShort Version0:30




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