Mosaique - Easy Lounging

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Mosaique - Easy Lounging HR2295

Easy lounging, groovy, jazzy, soft rock, soft touch. Guitars, saxophone solo and piano (see also track 21)

Happy Records HR2295

  • 001Calling AngelsMain3:25
  • 002Silhouettes Of Big AppleMain3:06
  • 003DesireeMain2:45
  • 004The River FlowsMain3:18
  • 005Blue StarlightMain2:37
  • 006Funny BunnyMain2:57
  • 007Nostalgic LandscapeMain3:06
  • 008The Right WayMain3:30
  • 009Pi-Pa-PoMain2:32
  • 010On The RockMain3:07
  • 011Easy LoungingMain3:20
  • 012Come Back Of The InkasMain2:55
  • 013Stevie In WonderlandMain3:05
  • 014Dancing RotationMain3:22
  • 015PapagalloMain2:15
  • 016OkinawaMain2:46
  • 017Cote dAzurMain3:09
  • 018Optimistic DepartureMain2:02
  • 019Optimistic DepartureAlternate1:01
  • 020Optimistic DepartureShort Version0:22
  • 021Calling Angelswithout Saxophone3:25
  • 022The River FlowsUnderscore2:13
  • 023Blue Starlightwithout Drums2:38
  • 024Nostalgic Landscapewithout Drums3:06
  • 025Come Back Of The Inkaswithout Drums2:55




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