My Favourite Instruments

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My Favourite Instruments HR2294

Various solo instruments with easy listening background, lightly rhythmic. Landscape, panorama, romance.

Happy Records HR2294

  • 001Easy WingsMain3:06
  • 002Side By SideMain2:30
  • 003La Première RomanceMain2:16
  • 004Old Fashioned DarlingMain2:19
  • 005Romantic SunsetMain2:45
  • 006MotivationMain2:20
  • 007Crema CatalanaMain3:01
  • 008Canzone RomanticaMain2:46
  • 009A Day DreamMain2:38
  • 010Swing The Old Fashioned WayMain2:06
  • 011Twilight MagicMain2:42
  • 012La Belle EpoqueMain2:21
  • 013Magic BeautyMain3:30
  • 014Music BistroMain2:08
  • 015Sentimental MoodMain2:22
  • 016Tender TouchMain2:16
  • 017DimlightMain2:17
  • 018There's No Greater LoveMain2:44
  • 019Wait And SeeMain2:36
  • 020More Than YesterdayMain2:29
  • 021Da VinciMain3:06
  • 022HoffnungMain2:46
  • 023Sunshine In Your EyesMain2:57
  • 024SangriaMain2:24
  • 025Sweet Country GirlMain2:06
  • 026Sando's MelodyMain2:58




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