A Journey Through Space And Time

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A Journey Through Space And Time HR2293

Pulsating techno rhythms, floating trance sounds. Computer, space, underwater, racing.

Happy Records HR2293

  • 001Space RaverMain5:41
  • 002StarflightMain5:35
  • 003Groove 'R' UsMain5:16
  • 004Magna MechanicaMain6:01
  • 005Hyper RaceMain6:19
  • 006The Time Strikes BackMain6:19
  • 007Water PlanetMain9:53
  • 008Starflightwith Commands6:51
  • 009Magna Mechanicawith Computer Voices6:01
  • 010Space RaverShort Version1:00
  • 011Space RaverShort Version0:32
  • 012StarflightShort Version0:47
  • 013StarflightShort Version0:34
  • 014Groove 'R' UsShort Version0:51
  • 015Groove 'R' UsShort Version0:38
  • 016Magna MechanicaAlternate1:06
  • 017Magna MechanicaShort Version0:29
  • 018Hyper RaceShort Version0:53
  • 019Hyper RaceShort Version0:30
  • 020Hyper RaceShort Version0:30
  • 021The Time Strikes BackAlternate1:07
  • 022The Time Strikes BackShort Version0:35
  • 023Water PlanetAlternate1:35
  • 024Water PlanetShort Version0:40




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