Exot Games

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Exot Games HR2292

Hard rock in traditional instrumentation, riff-oriented and with vigorous lead guitar, for all varieties of sports, facts, news, trailers etc.

Happy Records HR2292

  • 001Exot GamesMain2:56
  • 002Off The RoadMain2:42
  • 003MatchMain2:01
  • 004Heavy DreamsMain4:31
  • 005KickoffMain2:11
  • 006Off One's RockerMain3:10
  • 007Riding Over HillsMain3:12
  • 008Motorcycle BreakdownMain2:12
  • 009Metal BluesMain2:26
  • 010Heavy DreamsUnderscore3:40
  • 011Off One's RockerUnderscore2:11




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