Swing Festival Vol. 2

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Swing Festival Vol. 2 HR2290

Big band, dance, entertainment, sports.

Happy Records HR2290

  • 001Old Mc DonaldMain2:30
  • 002ClementineMain3:08
  • 003Blue TigerMain2:53
  • 004Hungarian Dances No 1/4/5Main3:11
  • 005Stjenka RasinMain3:01
  • 006Dedication To Glenn MillerMain2:34
  • 007Big Band NewsMain2:44
  • 008Fable For MabelMain2:25
  • 009RomanzaMain2:44
  • 010Boogie FeverMain2:56
  • 011Swinging in The DarkMain3:10
  • 012CarmencitaMain2:25
  • 013Semper FidelisMain3:03
  • 014Hilton FlairMain2:35
  • 015Trumpet ShuffleMain2:34
  • 016Bel AirMain2:30
  • 017Dance Floor StompMain2:29
  • 018Swing Is InMain2:23




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