Velvet Piano

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Velvet Piano HR2287

Fender piano in soft sound. Strings and rhythm.

Happy Records HR2287

  • 001Swinging DreamlandMain3:01
  • 002StrollingMain2:10
  • 003HumoresqueMain2:43
  • 004The Last Rose Of SummerMain2:39
  • 005Old Fashioned MelodyMain2:35
  • 006Charming WaltzMain2:05
  • 007My Little OneMain2:15
  • 008PoemMain2:22
  • 009Swedish SunsetMain2:17
  • 010Brasilian MoodMain2:28
  • 011Melody In FMain2:12
  • 012Vieni Sul MarMain2:16
  • 013Tanz der StundenMain2:29
  • 014An Old StoryMain2:30
  • 015Dinner TimeMain2:15
  • 016FrancoiseMain2:17
  • 017Wish-DreamMain2:19
  • 018VolksliedchenMain3:25
  • 019Lovely WayMain2:16
  • 020WiegenliedMain2:41




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