Romantic Area Vol. 2

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Romantic Area Vol. 2 HR2285

Grand string recordings for landscapes, nature, romance.

Happy Records HR2285

  • 001Flight Of The EagleMain3:04
  • 002Fjord MelodyMain3:02
  • 003Scandinavian SpringMain2:40
  • 004LakesideMain2:45
  • 005Village MelodyMain2:05
  • 006PoesieMain2:43
  • 007MoondustMain3:41
  • 008DaybreakMain2:36
  • 009In The MountainsMain2:19
  • 010Autumn RomanceMain2:06
  • 011Winter VisionMain2:34
  • 012My PrincessMain2:29
  • 013ReminiscenceMain2:22
  • 014Flower FieldsMain3:18
  • 015MorningMain1:16
  • 016Forest HillsMain2:35
  • 017Mezzo PianoMain2:31
  • 018Sleighride AtmosphereMain2:28
  • 019Hebridean IslandsMain3:47
  • 020AlbatrosMain3:37
  • 021Melancholic ThoughtsMain2:48
  • 022Concierto Por ChristinaMain6:04




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