Music In The Ear

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Music In The Ear HR2284

Two small ensembles, partly easy listening, partly groovy, featuring guitars.

Happy Records HR2284

  • 001GrasshopperMain2:51
  • 002Refresco De SambaMain2:31
  • 003Irish RoseMain2:46
  • 004Funky SerenataMain3:07
  • 005Welcome SunshineMain2:17
  • 006Music In The EarMain2:26
  • 007Blue DinaMain3:11
  • 008Brazo GitanoMain2:41
  • 009BeatriceMain2:39
  • 010Crème FraîcheMain2:38
  • 011Easy Come - Heavy GoMain3:20
  • 012Rika's DreamMain3:51
  • 013Round TripMain3:41
  • 014Check The PointMain3:51
  • 015The GooveMain3:06
  • 016Groovin' HomeMain3:16
  • 017A Night FlyMain4:27
  • 018Monte DaleMain3:20
  • 019Homecomin'Main4:30
  • 020AlhambraMain3:17




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