Country Affairs

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Country Affairs HR2280

Country and western music in original instrumentation.

Happy Records HR2280

  • 001Country AffairsMain2:51
  • 002Walkin' The WalkmanMain3:18
  • 003Dusty RoadMain3:00
  • 004Texas TrailMain2:15
  • 005Cross CountryMain2:48
  • 006Oak Ridge SunsetMain3:20
  • 007Saturday Night SaloonMain2:22
  • 008Fast FoodMain2:21
  • 009Going WestMain2:39
  • 010Roadhouse Bar-Be-CueMain3:21
  • 011Classical FrontierMain3:07
  • 012Truck Tramper BluesMain3:04
  • 013Sweet Rodeo QueenMain2:57
  • 014Rockin' TennesseeMain2:48
  • 015Hot Texas ChiliMain2:16
  • 016Coming Home To The RanchMain2:39
  • 017Kentucky FlairMain2:54
  • 018Lucky TruckyMain2:51




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