Happy Times

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Happy Times HR2279

Up-tempo, melodious, romantic, featuring piano. Sports, games, good mood.

Happy Records HR2279

  • 001Top LinerMain3:15
  • 002Night TideMain3:21
  • 003Happy TimesMain2:26
  • 004Sun For FunMain2:53
  • 005Sky SerenadeMain3:03
  • 006Good ConnectionsMain3:50
  • 007Skate Board DancersMain2:56
  • 008Rokoko GuitarsMain3:15
  • 009Marco IslandMain2:41
  • 010Rondo VirtuosoMain2:22
  • 011Easy WingsMain3:06
  • 012Cross CountryMain2:48
  • 013StreicheleinheitenMain4:17
  • 014Girls Of PanamaMain2:52
  • 015Rockin' TennesseeMain2:48
  • 016ClarissaMain2:45
  • 017Blue EmotionMain2:57




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