Morning Waves

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Morning Waves HR2277

Light rhythms, happy themes for free time, family, sports.

Happy Records HR2277

  • 001Beach GirlsMain2:43
  • 002On The TruckMain2:05
  • 003Lonesome StrangerMain2:37
  • 004Have A Good TimeMain2:15
  • 005AproposMain2:23
  • 006Land Of FreedomMain3:24
  • 007Black CoffeeMain2:34
  • 008Friendly DayMain2:32
  • 009MaracujaMain2:20
  • 010City MotionMain2:19
  • 011Island Of TendernessMain2:18
  • 012Green PeaceMain3:17
  • 013LangschläferMain3:08
  • 014MuntermacherMain2:17
  • 015Don'Main3:08
  • 016FlairMain2:21
  • 017Morning MusicMain2:17
  • 018Dreaming BajazzoMain2:26
  • 019Morning JoggingMain2:14
  • 020Follow MeMain1:58
  • 021HorizonMain3:11
  • 022FrühstartMain2:19
  • 023Weekend ForeverMain3:01




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